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Thirdborder @ Cake Shop, NYC, Jan. 2009 - a moratorium for Ron Asheton
self-titled CDR 2004


Third Border formed in fall of 2003 as a duo between guitarist/songwriter Ben Miller and violinist Jena Kim. They released a self-titled CDR in 2004. In 2005, Miller went into Batcave Studios to record their first CD proper with various other musicians to fill out the sound. In 2006, Sun of Water, Sea of Light was released on Radial Records. The band now involved Pinky Wietzman on viola and violin stroh, Jerry Smith on Bass and Jarrod Ruby on drums. This 2nd release was selected as one of 48 candidates for possible Grammy nomination in the 2006 'Alternative Album of the year' category. This 13-song CD includes a version of Syd Barrett's "Jugband Blues" and is still available at, , or this website, and CDBaby. Return Return, their 3rd and final release, is available at CDBaby. This is an 11-song CD recorded at Kennel Studios, Brooklyn, NY with production by Wharton Tiers which includes an upbeat rendition of Laurie Anderson's "O-Superman!".

as of 2011, THIRD BORDER is on permanent hiatus.

Ben Miller; guitar and vocal
Jerry Smith; bass
Jarrod Ruby; drums

REVIEWS for "Sun of Water, Sea of Light";
Ben Miller played alto sax for Ann Arbor legends Destroy All Monsters during the group's second incarnation with Niagara and Ron Asheton at the helm. As the driving force behind Third Border, however, Miller's talent as a writer and performer becomes clear, and what leaps out is not without its own quirky charm. Rather than simply replay Miller's art punk past, Third Border mix Prog with 60s UK psychedelic pop. Their timely version of Syd Barrett's "Jugband Blues" is a fine example of the latter, an eccentrically orchestrated tribute which goes out in fine style with a mad marching band of saxophones and kazoos.
WIRE magazine Oct. 2006

"Rocking out since 1969, Ben Miller retains his youthful edge and energy while revealing an indisputable air of a seasoned musician with his latest band Third Border...Third Border developed into a mini-orchestra by the time the band recorded its cinematic sophomore album, Sun of Water, Sea of Light. With viola, violin, cello, cornet, recorder, keys and clarinet on board with the standard guitar, bass and drums, the dichotomy between traditional and unconventional rock instruments collide to create a tight set of punk-tinged psyche rock tunes."
Deli magazine Jan. 2008

"Singer-songwriter Ben Miller might be less well-known than his Mission-ary brother Roger, but he has nearly as protean a career behind him. His quartet, Third Border, sets moderated emotional expressions in a field of compelling, barely off-kilter pop rock compositions, with enough strings and productions tweaks to keep the proceedings elevated above the common."
TIME OUT, NYC magazine Jan. 2008

Thirdborder's song "Where Are You, Now?", off of "Sun of Water, Sea of Light", is used as an ending theme song on ECO SENSE; a series of 30-minute studio-talk/documentary programs focusing on energy and environment issues for the Ann Arbor, Michigan community. Filmmaker Katsumi Nagae interpretes the song's message, which is actually based on Miller's personal experience, as a metaphor for the ambiguous expectation of the future of all of humanity.


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