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Sproton Layer 1969-71 (2013 reunion), Empool 1976-78 / 2018-present, Destroy All Monsters 1977-78, Nonfiction 1982-85, GKW 1982-94 / 2015-16, Dirty Old Man River 1997-2000, Ben Miller / Solo Multiphonic Guitar 2000-present, Third Border 2003-2010, recorded in Glenn Branca’s 100-Guitar Orchestra for Symphony #13/#15: 2004/2006, toured with The Glenn Branca Ensemble 2011-13, provided Live Sound Design for Anne Carson’s NOX 2010-12, performed in Franck Vigroux’s Ruines 2015-17.

Collaboration in duo settings as Ganglion with percussionist Matt Weston, Exophilia with hyperpianist Denman Maroney, M2 with prepared pianist Roger Miller and Transistor with electronic musician Franck Vigroux.

Sound Design for poets Anne Carson, Carol Novack, and Hum.

Sound Design for filmmakers Raphael Maze, Ofer Mizra Chi, Orin Buck, Sascha Just, Mehrnaz Saeed Va Fa. Miller also created and managed NYC’s Full Moon Audio Visual Series.

Sound Design for former Merce Cunningham dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener, Laurie Eisenhower Dance Company & Whitley Setrakian People Dancing.


elements of noise, art, world and psychedelia akin to early Eno, Saqqara Dogs, and Wire.
Ben Miller stereo baritone guitar, vocal, tape loops - Mike Khoury violin, analog synth - Deanna McMullen Lee cello & keyboard - Mike List drum kit and tablas. Their 2nd release, BORN FOR YEARS, is in the mixing process. 2020 Release TBA

Laurence Miller: vocal, guitar w/electronics, prerecorded soundtrack, visual projection - Ben Miller: guitar w/electronics
Psych-noise resurrection from the mid-’70s celebrating their very first LP release ever of said music on Feeding Tube records. Their new record, Context vs. Association, will be released 2020 TBA

abstract Guitarscape via multiple amplifiers often in abandoned locations. New retrospective on Detroit’s Two Rooms 2020 TBA

Miller’s ensemble features his pantonal compositions for bass clarinet, c-tenor saxophone, cornet, trombone, violin, viola, double bass, e. guitar, and percussion. Their yearly performance of In C, on Terry Riley’s birthday, has been a wonderful surprise for all.

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra of NYC
This is Miller’s NYC-based orchestra since 2009 - a dozen saxophones from bass to sopranino, bass guitar and two drum kits. His first symphony, Symphony of Suspicious Activity, is in search of appropriate label.


Anne Carson, Robert Currie, and former members of The Merce Cunningham Dance Co. Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener. Boston, Miami, NYC.

NOX received Bessie Award @ The Apollo, NYC 2013

Transistor 2009-2016
Ben Miller: voix and Franck Vigroux: électronique
two EPs, one LP; self-titled, 212, Din of Eons

Ben Miller: multiphonic guitar w/treatment
Denman Maroney: hyperpiano

Ben Miller: multiphonic guitar w/treatment
Roger Miller: prepared piano

Roger, Laurence and Ben Miller various instruments and vocal

Third Border 2003-10
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist "Sun of Water, Sea of Light“ was 1 of 48 albums selected to be nominated for the Grammies best Alternative Album of 2006

Dirty Old Man River 1997-2000
multiphonic guitar underneath Julian Mill’s songwriting

Empool 1976-78
Psych-Noise ensemble led by twin brother Laurence

Destroy All Monsters 1976-78
Art Punk band including Stooge’s Ron Asheton and Michael Davis of the MC5

Sproton Layer 1969-71
Psychedelic Rock with brothers Roger and Laurence


Sound Art Workshops
Columbia College Chicago IL; M.I.C.A. Baltimore MD; UMASS Lowell MA; Megapolis Festival Baltimore MD; C.A.S.A. Harrisburg PA; 119 Gallery Lowell MA; Arts in the Armory Somerville MA; The Rotunda Philadelphia PA, Fuse Factory Columbus OH, University of Michigan Art Dept., Anis Gras FR

Music Teacher
Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Piano, Drums, Vocal, Theory, Technique, Ear Training, Songwriting, Composition, Improvisation. All Ages

Engineered - Mastered analog/digital. Releases on Bulb, New Alliance, Living, Tiger Asylum, Obsolete Units, and Gulcher Records


Columbia College Chicago, BA in Music Composition and English, 2002

Saxophone Instruction w/Ari Brown and Ken Vandermark, Chicago 1995

New Music Workshop, Ann Arbor MI, 1976
Guitar in large ensemble guided by saxophone extraordinaire Anthony Braxton

Thomas Jefferson College, Allendale MI, 1974
20th Century Composition, Music for Dance

Boston School of Contemporary Music, 1973
Music Theory, Guitar Technique, Group Improvisation Techniques