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The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

Benjamin Miller’s wholly unique interval-based method of composition is his launching pad for sonic exploration. The curious associations in which intervallic relations evoke without preconceived tonal centers is Miller’s primary interest in music.


Benjamin Miller: composer, conductor, alto & c-tenor sax
Soprano: Kevin Gosa, Gerald M Thomas
Alto: James Elmore III, Daniel Dorrance, Dennis Shafer
Tenor: Chris Diasparra, Justin Wood, Kyle Saulnier
Baritone: Josh Sinton, Kristin Olson
Bass: Stefan Zenuik, Brian Landrus
Bass Guitar: Evans Wohlworth
Drums: John O’Brien, Kevin Shea, Hiroyuki Matsuura

Symphony of Suspicious Activity, composed in 2008, recorded in 2013, is now mastered and in the process of label search.

Symphony X, composed in 2016, recorded in 2017, is in the mixdown process.

(Terry Riley’s) In C ( was released in 2010 and Cloud Eleven ( was released in 2013. The latter is a compilation of several 11-Interval pieces by Miller.