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Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC’s first full-on Saxophone Orchestra. Miller conducts 12 Saxophones from Bass to Sopranino, Bass guitar, 2 Drummers, and Vocal. While studying in Chicago, he developed a wholly unique Interval-based method of Composition. This came to fruition in 2007 prompting the formation of this single-timbered ensemble. The curious associations with which Intervallic relations evoke without preconceived tonal centers is his prime interest as a Composer.

The SSO has enchanted NYC audiences at Douglas Street Music Collective, Goodbye Blue Monday, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn Lyceum, Gershwin Hotel, Shea Stadium, House of Elders, White Box Gallery, 17 Frost Gallery, Mid-Manhattan Library, Spectrum, Front Room Gallery and The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center.

Symphony of Suspicious Activity was recorded at Kennel Studios in Brooklyn, 2013.
Symphonie X was recorded at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn, 2017
both works are in the mixing process with a hopeful 2018 release, TBA

Mary Franz - Publicist