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Sensorial Orchestra of Detroit

Miller’s Sensorial Orchestra of Detroit formed this June just in time for Terry Riley’s 83rd birthday. IN C was happily performed to an appreciative audience at Trinosophes in Detroit. While this ensemble coalesces, Miller will compose a new work to be performed later this year.

Miller’s wholly unique Interval-based method of Composition is his launching pad for creative exploration. The curious associations with which Intervallic relations evoke without preconceived tonal centers is Miller’s prime interest as a Composer. While this approach leans toward the "serial" side of music, the sound does not lack emotion or spirit. A text book is being published this summer for those interested.

The Sensorial Orchestra of Detroit consists of woodwinds, strings, brass, saxophones, electric guitars and drums.



Miller’s previous orchestra based in NYC - The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra - has two recordings in the can: Symphony of Suspicious Activity and Symphonie X. Final Mixes are in motion.

Mary Franz - Publicist