Ben Miller

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Ben Miller baritone, fretless and multiphonic guitars, sk1, ogm loops, t. radio, voice
Randy Baker l’paul, hofner, synthesizer, cassettes, blue box, magma
Hominid Being movement, slide projection, oscilloscopes
Boss DR-55 / DR-110

Art Damage from the ’80s employing nonsense and primitive devices. Their first cassette release in 30 years is in process.

"...detuned art rock with live tape backing..."
pick-of-the-month, Detroit Metro Times 2015

"Furry animals preparing their nest."
Paul Rootare (fan), 1988

"Sunday night at the Performance Network, the band that delighted some sections of the audience at the 16mm festival while annoying others, will play ... an infrequent performance by one of the most forward-thinking local guitarists."
Bill Brown, Ann Arbor News 1983

"God knows why??!!"
screaming audience member, 1983