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FRANCK VIGROUX/électronique

TRANSISTOR was founded in New York City. Long-distance Collaboration began in 2009 followed by live performances in the Eastcoast and Europe. Live performance is known to produce intense physical energy with Vigroux’s sub-bass frequencies and Miller’s cryptic vocal stance. Influences range from industrial to punk to electroacoustic.

Gregory Robin’s Documentary TRANSISTOR - The Movie was premiered at Le Luxor in Paris January 2016 with favorable response.

"THE HORDE" EP vinyl 2017

THE DIN OF EONS LP vinyl or download, 2013

"......hallucinations you’d imagine after weeks alone in a creaky submarine, the echo-filled cell of a dank dungeon, or a rocketship hull hurtling through space" _ The BigTakeOver, 2013

"...neon fried skull with the lights out!" _ Peter Prescott of Misson of Burma, 2013

Transistor/self-titled EP vinyl or download, 2010

"Alienated Death Disco" _ SKUG, 2012