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Broken Mirrors

Blackout in the City



One Full Turn


Music Teacher, Workshops, Soundtrack & Design

Guest Instructor & Artist in Residency

The Fuse Factory: Columbus OH May/Nov 2014

Building Homemade Musical Instruments

Capital Area School for the Arts: Harrisburg, PA 2012/2013/2014

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop, 21st Century Composition, Sound Design, Building Homemade Musical Instruments, Sound & Movement, Sound & Word.

Maryland Institue College of Art: Baltimore, MD 2011/2012/2013

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop, Building Homemade Musical Instruments.

UMASS Sound Art Course: Lowell, MA 2013

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop

119 Gallery: Lowell, MA 2012

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop

Arts at The Armory: Somerville, MA 2012

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop

Rotunda: Philidelphia, PA 2012

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop

Megapolis Festival: Baltimore, MD 2010

Graphic Score & Found Sound Workshop, 21st Century Composition.

Columbia College Chicago: Chicago, IL 1992/94/97

20th Century Music Seminar: Composition, Improvisation and Collaboration.

Musician for Hire

Composer for Film, Dance and Spoken Word

Boston, Miami, and NYC 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Multiphonic Sound Design for NOX, a performance expounding on Anne Carson's book of the same name with Anne, Robert Currie and former Merce Cunningham dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener.

NYC/France 2013

Multiphonic Sound Design for French Filmmaker RaphaŽl Maze on his piece "Film for Music" (DV, 3G, super 8).

NYC, NY 2011

Multiphonic Sound Design for twin brother Laurence Miller's THE COLOR OF WATER; a personal documentary of Laurence's current re-rendering of his psychedelic pen and pencil drawings from the mid-1970's. A double-DVD of 14 films is available.

NYC, NY 2004/2010

Sound Track for NYC Videographer and multimedia artist Orin Buck for his experimental videos FROM BLACK and TRANSFER OF INTELLIGENCE. Buck and Miller also collaborated with the latter's Full Moon Audio Visual Series (2010-11) with Video Projection and Live Sound Design.

NYC, NY 2010

Sound Track for NYC filmmaker Sascha Just for her film TRIP. This premiered in 2010 at NewFilmmakers / Anthology Film Archive, NYC.

NYC, NY 2007-08

Sound Design for the late Carol Novack's narrative CDs "Inventions 1" and "Inventions 2"

on Carol's poem Babies; "A very cool, for lack of a better word, sound effect background of every reverberation imagined within the context of her word tapestry only adds to this masterpiece of a woman's lament. This is almost a three-ring circus of breasts, moonshine, and babies swishing around in the wash." Cicily Janus, Eclectica Magazine Oct/Nov 2007

NYC, NY 2006-08

Miller was one of several on-line music composers for The Mad Hatters Review ; a multimedia webzine led by the late Carol Novack.

Chicago, IL 2001

Sound Track for Chicago Filmmaker Mehrnaz Saeed Vafa's film FIVE DIFFICULT PIECES and other collaborative projects.

Ann Arbor, MI 1992-93

Composed scores for then leading MI dance companies Laurie Eisenhower Dance Co. and Whitley Setrakian / People Dancing.


    "Storm at Sea"(for "Trip" film by Sascha Just, 2010)     Once in a Field (for NYC poet Carol Novack 2008)     Where Are You, Now? (theme - by THIRD BORDER - for Ann Arbor, Michigan's CTN "Eco Sense" 2007)     Dream Sequence for "Nad & Stacey" (Video 2007)    demo for video game (2004)     submission for Nature video (2002)     Theme for "Revision" (student film 1997)     NYC-AM (excerpt for Laurie Eisenhowere Dance Co., 1993)     Mary's Answer (excerpt for People Dancing, 1992)

Available to enhance your recording sessions

Guitar, Multiphonic Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Vocal, Keyboard, Drums.


At Home Recording Studio

Digital multi-track / Analog 1/2" 8-track. Recording, Mixing, Mastering. Economic Rates!

Engineered/Produced the following releases:

- all releases for Living Records 2000-present

- M3/M3 on New Alliance 1994

- Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink/Midnight Dynamite on Bulb 1993

- Couch/Couch on Bulb 1993

Producer Fee negotiable depending on project.

Mastered the following releases:

- all releases for Living Records 2000-present

- Third Border/Sun of Water, Sea of Light on Radial 2006

Creative Music Lessons


Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, 2nd year Piano, 2nd year Drums, Songwriting, Composition, Improvisation.

Scale Patterns, Riff Techniques, Chord Structure and Progressions, Music Theory, 12-tone Theory, Intervallic Theory, Improvisation from far-right to far-left, Ear Training, Notation, Transcribing, and more.

MUSIC EDUCATION: Boston School of Contemporary Music and Thomas Jefferson College with a BA @ Columbia College Chicago. References by request.

The Jewish Community Center of Staten Island

Teaching Piano and Saxophone students / 2012-present

The DEA Music & Art School

Teaching Piano and Guitar students / 2013-present

Children-friendly Music Program

Fun exploration of Homemade Musical Instruments using the books of Bart Hopkins. A Foundation of Music Comprehension is included using Soprano recorders. Inquire!


Hudson County Community College / Introduction to Teaching, NJ 2011

six-week course towards Certificate of Eligibility

Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL BFA 2002

Double Major in Music Composition and English

Thomas Jefferson College, MI 1974-75

concentration in Music Composition

School of Contemporary Music, Boston, MA 1973-74

cocentration in improvisation and theory

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