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LIVING RECORDS is Benjamin Miller's label releasing his own work and those he collaborates with. Launched in 2000, Living Records distributes through this website, Downtown Music Gallery NYC, Cuneiform Records, and Art into Life. CDR packaging comes with full color print out on cardstock (single-fold) in a transparent polyvinyl sleeve.

pending Releases for 2016
"Live Performances and Radio Broadcasts Vol. 2" Living/Cass/DVD
Ben Miller: multiphonic guitar w/treatment. Live performances btwn 2000-2015
"Inner Calm" Living/Cass
Ben Miller: stereo archtop guitar (a sequel to his first release "Intercom" also recorded 2000)
"Transistion" Living/Cass
TRANSISTOR [Ben miller: voix, Franck Vigroux: electronics]: outakes and live performances 2012-14
"Abandoned Concert Series 2015" Living/vinyl/DVD
Ben Miller: standard and multiphonic guitar, alto sax, vocal @ Grande Ballroom, East Town Theater and Packardland, DET.
Videography (DVD) by Gregory Robin and Brett Moyer.

"Planet X" Living Cass/DVD
Magnetic Tape Operatives (w/Bond Miller, Evelyn Buehler and Ryan Walsh); Studio & Live performance w/DVD documentary
"Canalization" Living CDR/DVD
Ben Miller; Multiphonic guitar w/treatment & Hyperpianist Denman Maroney; Studio & Live performance. DVD of Live Concert
"Color of Sound"
Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment
"eMpTy" w/DVD created and produced by Orin Buck]
Ben Miller: all instruments, vocal

other multiphonic guitar releases distributed through this website are also on the following labels;
"Eyelands Under Eyelids" Gulcher Records/CD 2010
"Live Performances and Radio Broadcasts" Tigerasylum Records/CDR 2010
"Polar Shifts" Obsolete Units/Cass. 2010


The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra: CLOUD ELEVEN (CDR 300-run)

Available on Living Records. November 12, 2013

a definitive mix of Demos and Live concerts between 2009 and 2011. includes GLOW WHITE considered to sound like "...a haunting dissonant swoon like that of battling church organs, or a swarm of bugs." reviewed by Christopher Weingarten, Village Voice 2009. Glow White was specifically composed for Glenn Branca's "The Search for the Lost Chord Contest" in 2007. It is based on a handful of guitar tri-chords Miller enjoyed as a teenager. It was the first piece Miller composed for saxophone orchestra ending up as one of eleven compositions posted on Glenn's New York Times blog site.


The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra: In C (CD 300-run)

Available on Living Records. June 2012

LISTEN: In C (excerpt)   

Kevin Gosa; soprano. Bryan Beninghove; soprano. Terrell Reese; soprano.
David Schnug; alto. Adam Ramsay; alto. Benjamin Miller; alto, C-tenor.
Jonathan Moritz; tenor. Gabriel Yonkler; baritone. Stefan Zenuik; baritone.
Brian Landrus; bass. Hiroyuki Matsu; snare.

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The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra's unique single-timbre version of Terry Riley's minimalist classic recorded at Creative Music Studios, Brooklyn NY in 2010.

" ...I'm sure this will be a first for saxophone orchestra."
- Ann Riley / 2009

"This is an all saxophone big band performing a wonderful version of Terry Riley's amazingly versatile "In C", with the saxes giving it a slight Urban Sax feel and with the pulse provided by a snare drum!"
- Steve Feigenbaum, Wayside Music 2012

"...a highly dissonant posse of 11 alto, bass, baritone and c-tenor saxophones that bark and snort like hungry dogs and pigs, looping around in an atonal Alice in Wonderland acid dream...the bleats and noise of the honking horns insinuating Sun Ra, Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman too on their way to apogee."
- Jack Rabbid, The Big Take Over / 2012

"Starting with the snare, the saxes enter in layers, repeating their patterns and building in a thoughtful, hypnotic way. While the snare generally keeps a steady beat, different waves of saxes throb, spiral and crash upon one another in a wonderful way. In order to hear this entire work, one must divide their attention between the different lines which move around each other in logical ways, inter-connecting at different intervals. The inner pulse which is at the center seems to breathe or throb like a heartbeat, helping to bring us to a level of nirvana or some other altered state. In the second half of this 30-minute version, the swirling lines become more intense and kaleidoscopic for certain sections. I really dig this version and will have to play it a few more times to hear how the different layers develop".
- Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery NYC / 2013

Gang Lion  

Ganglion: GANG LION (CDR 30-run)

Available on Living Records, distributed by Living Records. July 2013

Matt Weston; Percussion, electronics. Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment, Bass.
1997 Chicago recording and 2010 live performance. $8

Eyelands Under Eyelid  

Ben Miller/degeneration: Eylands Under Eyelid (CD 500-run)

Available on Gulcher Records, distributed by Living Records. July, 2010

LISTEN: Human (excerpt)   

Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment, SK1, radio. $10

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“…mysterious, swirling, electronic series of waves that flutter, throb, tremble and float, slowly changing texturally …a calm center and low.”
_ Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery (on sale) 2013

"The best way to describe this album would probably be Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music-lite. While it's nowhere near the aural assault of MMM--quite the opposite, in fact--it seems to be a kindred spirit, a quiet cousin of sorts. ...weaves sonic tapestries of unsettling thoughts, sparse, eerie soundscapes that draw the listener into a world of sound, darkness, and pure energy. There's also a symphonic element, almost Glenn Branca, amid the churning static. This is what noise should be: well thought-out constructions with a clear direction in mind, not aimless distortion and chaos."
- Jack Rabbid, The Big Takeover / 2011

"...Closer to neurons firing inside the brain than harmonic referenced sounds, this music is both industrial and hyper-organic...that often sounds more like it was pre-composed..." - Roger Miller / 2010

Sirens of Phobos  

Ben Miller / degeneration: Sirens of Phobos (CDR)

Available on Living Records. Aug. 2007

LISTEN: Sirens of Phobos   

Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment, radio, alto sax. $8

"Sirens of Phobos" features resonating soundscapes devised by radio, string vibration and electronics. Vocal and real-time samping by Motoko Shimizu and Ed Chang.
"...This warped, questing music is sometimes like a game of blind man's bluff in a rotting warehouse: you feel that Miller has set things up so that he too doesn't quite know what's going on..." — Clive Bell / WIRE Magazine March 2008

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Ben Miller / degeneration: Layer (CDR)

Available on Living Records. Nov. 2005

LISTEN: 10/11/04; Pordenone, Italy   

Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment. $8

"Layer" features Picture Music; sound collage composed according to visual art - in this case for Roger Miller's frottage artwork. Titles for each piece are the same as the title for the drawings. Packagin includes miniatures of each drawing.

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Ben Miller / degeneration: Over and Out  

Ben Miller / degeneration:
Over and Out (CDR)

Available on Living Records. July 2004.

LISTEN: Catacombing (excerpt)

Ben Miller; Multiphonic Guitar w/treatment, MG1, bass, vocal. $8

Shortly after moving to NYC, Miller returns to a minimalist approach in prepared guitar.

" Ben Miller does just about everything to his guitar, except to play it conventionally...a wide range of wavering, droning tones and textures...more actively inventive than many more revered players. — Dream Magazine 2006

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Ben Miller / degeneration: Intercom (CDR)

Available on Living Records. Jan. 2001

LISTEN: FromTheGreatMileu.mp3   

Ben Miller; Stereo Arch Top Guitar, MG1, bass, multiphonic guitar.$8

This is Miller's first solo release; 8-track analog sound collage.

"If new expressionists closed their eyes and painted what they saw then Ben Miller must be taping shut his ears and playing what he hears…blood thrashing through arteries, nerves popping, synapses burning,..doors knocking, feet bounding up echoed stairways... Formerly a part of the "anti-rock band" Destroy All Monsters, Miller takes the "anti" idea a step further." — Detroit Metro Times 2001

"...a genre-defying chord progressions or standard picking techniques are displayed here... a mesmerizing effort from one of the most progressive guitarists around. " — Reckless Records, Chicago 2001

Sax feedback  

bennmiller: Call to Arms (CDR)

Available on Living Records. June 2012

LISTEN: Call to Arms ... Glacier's Womb (excerpts)   

Ben Miller; saxophone, objects, ammunition. $6

A sonic answer to our current global state of affairs.

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bennmiller: Traveling in The Dark (CDR)

Available on Living Records. Sept. 2008

LISTEN: Message to The Clandestine (excerpt)   

Ben Miller; alto & c-tenor saxophone, MG1, SK1, tapes, electronics. $6

A venture into slow-moving dark ambience reminiscent of previous ensembles Miller has played in; Empool (1976-78) and GKW (1982-1994). In spite of requests, no radio or zine wrote a review for this release. Miller takes this as a good sign.

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Ben Miller: A Ripple in the Air (CDR)

Available on Living Records. Nov. 2011

LISTEN: Deep Water (excerpt)   

Ben Miller; stereo arch top guitar, vocal. $6

Oblique, near-tonal, stereo archtop guitar extemporization, some vocal. You need it.

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Other releases
available for purchase

Third Border: Return Return  

Third Border: Return Return (CD)

release date Feb. 2010

Ben Miller; Guitar, Vocal. Gerard Smith; Bass. Jarrod Ruby; Drums.
special guests include Megan Leach; Viola and Chris Welcome; Cello.

Most songs written collectively. Produced by Wharton Tiers $10

RETURN RETURN includes a unique arrangement of Laurie Anderson's "O-Superman!"

In spite of requests, no radio or zine wrote a review for this release. Miller took this as a bad sign.

LISTEN: 876 excerpt   

Third Border  

Third Border: Sun of Water, Sea of Light (CD)

Available on Radial Records. Sept. 2006

Ben Miller; Guitar, Bass, Vocal. Pinky Weitzman; Viola and Stroh Violin. Jarrod Ruby; Drum Kit. special guests include Gerard Smith; Bass. Lisa Donald; Cello. Laurence Miller; Bb Clarinet and Soprano Recorder. Roger Miller; Cornet

all songs written by Ben Miller. Produced by Roger Miller and Laurence Miller $8

NOTE: "Sun of Water, Sea of Light" was chosen with only 47 other candidates for possible Grammy nomination in the 2006 'Alternative Album of the year' category.

LISTEN: After You   

Ben Miller played alto sax for Ann Arbor legends Destroy All Monsters during the group's second incarnation with Niagara and Ron Asheton at the helm. As the driving force behind Third Border, however, Miller's talent as a writer and performer becomes clear, and what leaps out is not without its own quirky charm. Rather than simply replay Miller's art punk past, Third Border mix Prog with 60s UK psychedelic pop. Their timely version of Syd Barrett's "Jugband Blues" is a fine example of the latter, an eccentrically orchestrated tribute which goes out in fine style with a mad marching band of saxophones and kazoos. — WIRE magazine Oct. 2006

R.I.P. Syd

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Third Border  

Third Border: Third Border(CDR)

Available on Living Records. April, 2004

LISTEN: Invitation   

Ben Miller; Guitar, Vocal.
Jena H. Kim. ; Violin.
a five-song release; Third Border's first effort as a duet. $4
Its original release included some instrumental pieces using prepared stereo guitar and scores for violin.

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M3: Unearthing (CDR)

Available on this website and on Sublingual Records.
Oct., 2001 (recorded Dec. 1998)

LISTEN: BatiqueSpaceXcerpt.mp3   

Ben Miller: prepared archtop guitar, guitar, drums.
Roger Miller: prepared bass w/loops, electronics, drums.
Laurence Miller: drums, guitar, keyboards. $8

Psychedelic open improvisation with an occasional backbeat. Considered to be akin to Syd Barrett playing with AMM.

"…operating in the realm where silence plays as much of a role as sound, M3 builds soundscapes based on abstract scratching guitars, ripples of electronic effects, and intermittent punchy drums....It's clear from early on that very few rules govern the situation...M3 aims to break stereotypes, and this the trio does with abandon." — All About Jazz 2001

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Blackout in The City  

Xanadu: Blackout in The City (7")

Black Hole Records, recorded Jan. 1979
Out of Print / Art Punk Rock

Features X-Destroy All Monsters Cary Loren, Ben Miller, Larry Miller, and Rob King; a recording-only project initiated shortly after the Miller brothers left D.A.M. (this is the original 4-song vinyl with original cover from 1979) $Out of Print

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