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Miller's first novel ON THE BRINK was self-published via Lulu dot com. The main character, Hoss Ryder, attempts to escape a prison sentence by transporting into the Future. This is accomplished through paranormal surgery by duplicating his entire epidermis. After the unfortunate decomposition and eventual return to the Present, Hoss agrees to another surgical procedure in taking off all seven layers of skin so that he can escape into the Past. When the inevitable healing process occurs, Mr. Ryder once again finds himself in his unwanted Present-state Reality.

Are we spoiling the story? Not by a long shot.

A second novel is underway. So is a collection of prose.


Miller produced NYC's FULL MOON AUDIO VISUAL SERIES [2010-11]; a creative conglomerate of international Videographers (often featuring Orin Buck), Movement by Valmont Sprout, and live audio by dozens of musicians. The FMAV Series plans to reactive in 2014.

Miller took classes in Film and Screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago. His inspirations are a mix of The Marx Brothers, David Lynch, and Brother's Quay. REVISION, a full-length screenplay, threatens to be put to film in the distant future.


Miller dabbled in Psychedelic Art as a teenager. Some pieces are included in the 20-page booklet of Sproton Layer's 2013 resissue. Inspired by Kandinsky while living in Chicago, he found a visual identity by means of crude strokes and signature motifs. Some drawings were xeroxed and then re-designed creating multiple versions as Origami Christmas tree ornaments. Although this phase lasted only a few months with no intention of public display, it left an indelible mark on his creative psyche. Recently Miller has returned to his abstract sketching. His process is a purge of mental activity more emotionally than intellectually charged - a cathartic experience rather than meditative with little preconceived structure in mind. Graphite, pencil (wax, colored, watercolor), various pens, crayon, White Out, India ink, Tempra paint and Oil Pastels.


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On The Brink, novel.
Full Moon Audio Visual Series III, @ Gershwin Hotel, NYC
"Ghost Dancers Vibration" [© 2012]

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