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Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC's first full-on Saxophone Orchestra with live performances commencing the following year. They have thus far enchanted NYC audiences at Douglas Street Music Collective, Goodbye Blue Monday, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn Lyceum, Gershin Hotel, Shea Stadium, House of Elders, White Box Gallery, 17 Frost Gallery, Midtown Manhattan Library, and Spectrum.

Their unique single-timbre take on Terry Riley's minimalist classic "In C" is available on Living Records, Wayside Music (Cuneiform Records), and Downtown Music Gallery. Instead of a Piano Pulse as traditionally used for this composition, a Snare Drum is used suggested by brother Roger Miller.

"I'm sure this will be a first for saxophone orchestra." _ Ann Riley, 2009


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"CLOUD ELEVEN" is a definitive collection of multitrack Demo recordings and Live concerts in NYC 2009-2011 on Living Records featuring Miller's compositions.
"Wonderful Sax Orchestra." _ Terry Riley, 2014


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This year SENSORIUM is recording The Beatle's "Strawberry Fields" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" with lead vocal supplied by Marianne Nowotnny. This will be released as a 45rpm on Abaton Records.


Miller's SYMPHONY OF SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY was recorded in 2013 at Brooklyn's Kennel Studios; a 45 minute composition for 11 saxophones and 2 drum kits.
First premiered at Brooklyn Lyceum in 2009, it has since evolved with a mix of neo-classical, minimalism, and head-rocking dissonance. A 2015 release is anticipated.

Miller's musical influences are as diverse as Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, MC5, Cage, Stockausen, Sun Ra, Ornette, Varese, Messiaen, Shoenberg, The Damned, Art Bears, and Glenn Branca - to name a few.

Roster of NYC orchestra members
Benjamin Miller; composer, conductor, alto, c-tenor -- Gerald Thomas; soprano, alto, tenor, c-tenor -- Kevin Gosa; soprano, alto -- David Schnug; alto, tenor -- Justin Wood; alto, tenor -- James Elmore III; alto, tenor -- Daniel Dorrance; alto, soprano -- Briggan Kraus; alto -- Chris Diasparra; tenor, baritone -- Chris Bacas; tenor, soprano -- Josh Sinton; baritone -- Kristin Olson; baritone -- Kyle Saulnier; baritone, soprano -- Stephan Zeniuk; baritone, bass -- Brian Landrus; bass, baritone, tenor, soprano -- Drums: Hiroyuki Matsuura, Jarrod Ruby, John O'Brien.

As a preteen, Miller learned the alto saxophone and guitar. At 14, he formed his first albeit short-lived group of 7 electric guitars. By 9th grade he was exploring spontaneous Improvisation and Pyschedelic songwriting with brothers Laurence and Roger in Sproton Layer. In college, Miller composed pantonal music for small ensembles including graphic scores designed to motivate free improvisation. He continues to use scores that were written at that time. During the mid-70's, Miller ran his horn through several FX pedals in twin brother Laurence's art-damaged EMPOOL. This group eventually morphed with Destroy All Monsters releasing two 45rpms.

While finishing his degree at Columbia College Chicago in the 90's, Miller returned to fully notated composition reviving his interest in intervallic relationships. There he developed an all-interval method of composition with The Eleven Mirrors Ensemble. This unique method came to fruition in 2007 and is now the primary technique used in his work.

Abaton Book Company released Miller's "Every Room" (2007) as a 45rpm lathe-cut. This 12-tone composition was recorded soley by Miller overdubbing 16 saxophones before forming The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra.


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