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Gang Lion
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Anomonous post-recording session
Ascenion Sequel
Sproton 2013
Sproton 2013
NOX 2012 crop
M2 Live 2012
prepared arch-top guitar at Unearthing session
Unearthing (CD #2)

Other Projects

Magnetic Tape Operatives call for 8+ tape machines, 6 amplifiers and 4 humans. No added electronics and No Apples. PLANET X is a 100-run Studio/Live Cassette release on Living Records/2014. You can purchase through this Website or as a digital download via bandcamp. The 18-minute composition embraces tape hiss, prerecorded found sound, real-time tape manipulation and internal feedback. Benjamin Miller, Bond Miller, Ryan Walsh, and Evelyne Buhler; reel to reel 1/4", 4-track cassette, stereo/mono cassette machines, microcassette, cassette loops. DVD documentary available soon.

Hyperpianist Denman Maroney and Ben Miller are EXOPHILIA. The combined prepared and active manipulations of piano and guitar strings lends itself as extraterrestrial in nature. "Canalization" is a 100-run Live/Studio DVD/CDR release on Living Records, 2014.

Recorded and filmed by Orin Buck. Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media.

GANGLION performed in '97 for a short time when Matt Weston and Ben Miller both lived in Chicago. They reformed a decade later on the east coast. Gang Lion is a 30-run short collection of work from 1997 and 2010. An all-analog release is imminent.

bennmiller features alto saxophone feedback, analog synth and tape decks. East coast and European tours ocurred in support of Traveling in the Dark and Call to Arms.

ANOMONOUS is Josh Sinton; amplified contrabass clarinet, Denman Maroney; hyperpiano, and Benjamin Miller; tapes, voice, sampling and found sound. Their self-titled 2013 release is available for Download or CDR on Prom Night Records.

“As rugged as it is spare, the music of Anomonous often aligns itself with the confounding blends of MEV or AMM rather than anything in the traditional ‘creative music’ arc. Warbling, woody breath combines with warped piano-guts scrapes and icy melodic fragments from Maroney’s keyboard while a range of sampled and mixed sounds give a ghostly and unsettled sheen to the proceedings…. At times it can be difficult to discern what sonic imprints come from reeds and what come from electronics, as feedback and indeterminate glitches attach themselves to both Sinton and Miller, though the latter tends toward unsightly patchwork and ear-splitting harmonics.”
_ Clifford Allen, New York City Jazz Record July 2013

Miller recorded and performed in Glenn Branca's 100 Guitar Orchestra for Symphony #13 in 2004 and 2006, the 2010 NYC premiere of Symphony #15, and toured with The Glenn Branca Ensemble internationally performing The Ascencion II from 2011-13.

"Glenn Branca is one of a dwindling number of reasons not to commit suicide. He makes explosive, challenging music that pushes back the borders of what contemporary music can be."

SPROTON LAYER performed for only a short time in 1969 and 1970. The World in Sound re-release of their 1970 recording "With Magnetic Fields Disrupted" prompted an unexpected 2013 reunion tour. A 2nd LP of un-released material from 1969 through 1971 titled "Press Your Hand and the Whole Room Fluctuates" is in the works.

I would rate Sproton Layer one of the most worth-while reissues of 2011, and it will drop the jaw of those who think they’ve heard everything from the classic psych era”.
_ Patrick Lundborg / Ugly Things Magazine, Oct. 2011

"...Sproton Layer at the Mercury Lounge this evening showed that the teen trio's sources were pretty close to the surface - lots of Interstellar Overdrive, some jagged Crimson riffing, a little 'out' jazz and plenty of late psych flourishes, including some Forever Changes trumpet blasts - but they made them into something of their own and delivered them with the benefit of 40+ years worth of hard-earned chops. ... It also sounded convincingly contemporary for 2013, and how many people could say that about their high school band? In a perfect world Sproton Layer, too, would pick up where they left off and carry on for a few more great records, but who knows if their other projects will allow that? In any case, if you get the chance to see them by all means go, you're in for a treat."
_ John Neilson / CREEM, Option, Matter, NY Rocker. July 27, 2013

Miller provided live multiphonic sound design for NOX, a performance expounding on Anne Carson's book of the same name regarding her brother's life. This multi-media piece premiered in Boston, Miami, and NYC with Anne, Robert Currie and former Merce Cunningham dancers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener. A possible future Chicago performance is in consideration.

“... the electric surges in Benjamin Miller’s score threaten to push past séance into horror-movie territory. Yet the way that a chaotic force seems to break through the classicism of the dancers’ Cunningham training is a fit analogue for the way that grief breaks through Ms. Carson’s erudite attempt to contain it.”
_ NY Times 2012

M2 Ben Miller (prepared multiphonic guitar) and Roger Miller (prepared grand piano)
is an extension of M3. Due to conflicting tour schedules, M2 performances are rare.
"At Land's Edge" is available on Feeding Tube Records as Vinyl or Download.

...a creepy and wonderful piece of art that will more than likely inspire a mind-altering live experience." _ Kat Burke, Arts Fuse 2012


M3 (Roger, Laurence and Ben Miller) began their first long-distance collaboration in 1989. This self-titled release consisted of collaborative efforts, solo compositions and one group improvisation. This was recorded at Ben's Flooding Basement Studios in Ann Arbor and released by New Alliance in 1994.

" of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year"
Guitar Player Magazine 1994

"Sounds as if Devo, Gang of Four, and Danny Elfman decided to get together and destroy all terms of rational thought as we know it..."
CMJ, 1994.

UNEARTHING, M3's second release, is almost entirely improvised as subliminal, psychedelic ambiance with an occasional whack backbeat. Unlike their first release, there are no vocals. Lyrics were written in the form of Exquisite Corpse, but later dropped and simply included as part of the CD graphic deisgn. Archtop Guitar, Bass w/looping system, Drums, and Keyboard are the focus. This was recorded in three days at Laurence's Playroom Music Studios, Ann Arbor MI, 1998. It was released three years later on Sublingual Records. M3 performanced live twice; The Middle East in Cambridge, MA and The Nervous Center in Chicago, IL - both in 2001.

"...M3 aims to break stereotypes, and this the trio does with abandon." All About Jazz 2001

M3 has discussed several new concepts for its third release. No plans have yet been made. It will surely sound different from either preceding release.

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