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M3 self-titled CD #1
prepared arch-top guitar at Unearthing session
Unearthing (CD #2)
Unearthing (CD #2)


M3 (Roger, Laurence and Ben Miller) started it's long-distance collaboration in 1989. Over a period of 4 years they recorded their first self-titled release consisting of three collaborative efforts, three solo compositions and one group improvisation. Instrumentation included drums, bass, guitars, alto saxophone, b-flat clarinet, violin, keyboard, sampling, sequencing, vocals and found sound. This was recorded at Ben's Flooding Basement Studios in Ann Arbor and released by New Alliance in 1994.

" of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year"
Guitar Player Magazine 1994

"Sounds as if Devo, Gang of Four, and Danny Elfman decided to get together and destroy all terms of rational thought as we know it..."
CMJ, 1994.

M3's second release, "Unearthing", is almost entirely improvised using vague structures - a dark, psychedelic ambiance. There are a few back-beat song structures thrown in, but unlike M3's first CD, there are no vocal tracks. Lyrics were written up in the form of Exquisite Corpse intended to be used on a few tracks. But these were dropped and simply included as part of the CD graphic deisgn. Instrumentation included drums, bass, arch-top guitar, guitars, keyboard, looping systems and violin. This was recorded in 1998 at Laurence's Playroom Music Studios in Ann Arbor MI and released by Sublingual Records. To promote this 2001 release, M3 made two rare performances; The Middle East in Cambridge, MA and The Nervous Center in Chicago, IL.

"...M3 aims to break stereotypes, and this the trio does with abandon." All About Jazz 2001

M3 has discussed a few different concepts for its third release for some time. No plans have yet been made. It will surely sound different from either preceding release.

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