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Ben Miller/degeneration @ The Armory Cafe, MA 2010
transistor web
Ascenion Sequel

Benjamin Rush Miller

Cultivating his technique since the early 80's, ben Miller/degeneration creates a sonic tapestry that defies standard guitar playing. Using a self-modified Gibson Kalamazoo, Miller produces a dense multiphonic soundscape by outputting several pickups through separate FX chains. With the addition of Casio SK1 8-bit sampling, transistor radio, analog synth and tapes it is difficult to discern where any one sound originates or where it is heading - and it is of this subliminal nature that Miller adheres to.

June 2014 interview by Miguel Copón

Franck Vigroux/electronix - Ben Miller/voix
THE DIN OF EONS available as download or vinyl
Novemeber tour in France

"Alienated Death Disco"
_ SKUG, 2012

"......hallucinations you'd imagine after weeks alone in a creaky submarine, the echo-filled cell of a dank dungeon, or a rocketship hull hurtling through space."
_ The BigTakeOver, 2013

"...neon fried skull with the lights out!"
_ Peter Prescott of Misson of Burma, 2013

The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra formed in 2008 as NYC's first full-on Saxophone Orchestra. The 12-member ensemble has released Terry Riley's In C and Cloud Eleven. The latter features Miller's through-composed material. The following videos are examples of this release: Glow White, Soon, Prelude to a Prelude, and Cloud 11. Tomorrow Never Knows b/w Strawberry Fields is now being recorded to be released as a 45 rpm by Abaton Book Company.

Miller recorded and performed with Glenn Branca's 100 Guitar Orchestra for Symphony #13 in 2004 and 2006, and for the NYC premiere of Symphony #15. Since 2011, he has been touring internationally as a member of The Glenn Branca Ensemble.

"Glenn Branca is one of a dwindling number of reasons not to commit suicide. He makes explosive, challenging music that pushes back the borders of what contemporary music can be."

Benjamin Miller has explored psychedelic songwriting, spontaneous improvisation and notated scores in quasi-tonality for what seems like eons. His primary sound-makers are Guitar & Multiphonic Prepared Guitar, Alto & C-Tenor Saxophone, Analog Tape & Electronic Manipulation, and Voice. Collaboration with like-minded artists has been a key element to his work. Miller tours internationally, teaches Music and presents unique Creative Workshops for all ages. His first novel On the Brink was self-published in 2012. Another novel is in the works as well as a full-length screenplay. His admittedly untrained Art Work is part of a group showing at 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA this July. Miller was born and raised in Ann Arbor MI having since formed numerous ensembles focusing solely on original music with the intent to break boundries.

Professor of Geological Sciences brother Gifford Miller

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